Underground. From sweaty basements to hidden mycelium networks, Ringailė explores the unseen and distorts perceptions through entangled artworks. As a interdisciplinary artists, she crafts worlds where fiction meets reality.

Ars Electronica, Clone Records, Club Elastica, Digital Tsunami, Herrensauna, Intergalactic FM, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Kablys Club, Live From Earth, Lizdas, Mechatronica, PIP den Haag, Pinkman Records, POING CLUB, Tresor, V2_, Wigs.
Campaign shown on the WOW billboard in front of the Rotterdam Central Station, video taken by Ringailė Demšytė 2022

New Radicalisms

New Radicalisms is a four-day festival exploring shared identities, digital realities and cultures of thein-between. From the 30th of June to the 3rd of July, widespread diasporic voices from or somehow related to the WANA region (West Asia and North Africa)gathered in Rotterdam (NL) to activate the starting question of this second edition: “but… where are you really from?”.

A common question to some, and a presque jamais one for others, the festival is an opportunity to bring complexity to this sometimes endearing, but most of the time endearing question. What would you rather be asked instead of “where are you really from”? What answers can be imagined instead of the ones expected? What definitions of belonging can be proposed? How does your answer change depending on the context? How do our digitized personas disrupt this question?

Together alongside invited artists, designers, thinkers, musicians and activists, we invite you to join the hosted talks, lectures, workshops and performances and contribute to our shared festival space of being together.
The visual identity of New Radicalisms 2022 starts from observing a European residence permit. This visual identity seeks to depict the love and hate relationship with this legal document that can be a gate opener to money and freedom as much as a restricting monster. It is an appropriation and digitization play to depict the relationship with this strange object. Taking this stiff, flat object inside the computer, it can be freely manipulated in all ways.


Picture from the New radicalisms opening panel talk, taken by Ringailė Demšytė 2022
Festival team 

Shirin Mirachor: context program, communication, partnerships
Hilda Moucharrafieh: performance program
Reda Senhaji: music program
Salim Bayri: learning program
Ringailė Demšytė: visual design
Isshaq Albarbary: preliminary research
Hanane Mouhdi: production, learning program 
Tugba Bahceci: production 
Manal Aziz: production, text editing 
Keba Fye: volunteer coordinator 
Tayeb Bayri: website developer
Amal Akbour: adminstration