Underground. From sweaty basements to hidden mycelium networks, Ringailė explores the unseen and distorts perceptions through entangled artworks. As a interdisciplinary artists, she crafts worlds where fiction meets reality.

Ars Electronica, Clone Records, Club Elastica, Digital Tsunami, Herrensauna, Intergalactic FM, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Kablys Club, Live From Earth, Lizdas, Mechatronica, PIP den Haag, Pinkman Records, POING CLUB, Tresor, V2_, Wigs.
Visual Fungi LanguageSpeculative visual fungi language based on A. Adamadzky’s research paper on fungi’s electrical spiking activity Invisible FungiImmersive VR instalation showcasing fungi's integral, yet invisible, role in our lives in times of ecological 
Universal Explanation of NothingPublication exploring the philosophical and complicated idea of nothingnessde_fogVR intstalation at the Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, The NetherlandsNew RadicalismsBranding, motion graphics and graphic design for a four day festival exploring sharded identities, digital realities and cultures of the in-betweenIf Walls Could TalkVR intstalation at the Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, The Netherlands